Marketplace Add-On Limitations

ShipStation's Marketplace Add-On enables a ShipStation marketplace account to aggregate orders from their marketplace and delegate those orders to different vendor accounts who will be shipping the product to the end customer. Learn more about enabling ShipStation's Marketplace Add-On.

The Marketplace Add-On is in open beta and the following are current limitations of the feature:

  • ShipStation's Marketplace Add-On is only available on the latest version for ShipStation (V3) and only on US-based accounts. For any needs outside the US, please fill out the interest form and we can discuss options that are available to you.

  • For marketplaces sending shipments to a vendor via Automation Rules, we recommend that the you import orders at least once a day to avoid missing any incoming orders from your marketplace from your store. Learn how to set your stores to auto-update for regular importing.

  • For vendors, automation rules cannot be set using the Brand column during the beta period.

  • Inventory values are not currently shared between the vendor and marketplace accounts.

  • Vendors need to create separate ShipFrom addresses for each marketplace with the appropriate return address on it. ShipFrom addresses do not inherit the brand company name for an order.

  • If a vendor cancels a delegated order from the marketplace order, themarketplace is not notified of the cancellation. The order will stay in Pending Fulfillment on the Marketplace account.

  • If a vendor voids a label, and/or if another label is printed after the first voided order, the marketplace is not notified of the voided or new label.

  • Only one carrier account can be used per marketplace. For example: if a marketplace has two FedEx accounts, only the primary account will be connected and used when shipping from the vendor's ShipStation account.

  • USPS First Class Mail displays incorrect rates on the Order grid, however, once a label is generated, it will show the correct rate for which you will be charged.

  • Purchase Order reconciliation between marketplace and vendor accounts is not currently supported in ShipStation.