Add ShipStation 3PL Provider Bundle

If you are a 3PL already using ShipStation to fulfill orders for other ShipStation merchants, you can participate in the 3PL open beta. This 3PL Provider Bundle is only available on the latest layout of ShipStation and only for US-based ShipStation accounts.

Requirements to Add the 3PL Provide Bundle

  • You must be using ShipStation’s New Layout to add the 3PL Provider Bundle. If you are not able to see the 3PL Provider Bundle section, learn how to upgrade to the New Layout on the ShipStation Help center.

  • A ShipStation plan is required to access the 3PL bundle. If your account is still in the trial, you will be automatically subscribed to the Silver Plan upon adding the bundle. You can adjust your subscription at any time.

ShipStation Subscriptions in Trial Period

If your base subscription is in trial the first time you add the 3PL Bundle, it will be extended for 30 days.

Add a 3PL Provider Bundle Subscription

  1. Click the Add-ons Available link in the Subscription section.

  2. Click Add 3PL Bundle once more after you have reviewed the 3PL Provider Bundle sign-up terms:

    • Your first 30 days are free.

    • After 30 days, you will be charged $50 per month for the 3PL Provider Bundle in addition to your base plan subscription.

    • Starting 01/01/2022, you will be charged $0.03 for each delegated shipment over 1,000 monthly shipments.

    Add 3PL Provider Bundle confirmation pop-up with "Add 3PL Bundle" button selected.

    Billing Information Required

    If you are still in a trial period or have not yet selected a base subscription plan, you will be asked to fill out ShipStation Account Billing information before the bundle is added.

    You will be subscribed to the Silver Plan. You can adjust your subscription at any time.

Your will see your Subscription section update to reflect the addition of the Add-On. Additionally, your plan will be updated to show a Silver or above plan, depending on your base subscription.


Client Carrier Accounts

Upon adding the 3PL Provider Bundle to your subscription, the following client carrier accounts will be added to your Carrier Settings under Other Carriers:

  • Client Stamps (USPS)

  • Client UPS (includes a bring-your-own account and UPS by ShipStation)

  • Client FedEx


Contact ShipStation support if you're interested in any of these additional carriers we also now support and we can enable them for you!

  • Client DHL Express

  • Client DHL Express by ShipStation

  • Client DHL eCommerce

You have the ability to change the available client services that you wish to use. Learn more about editing services and package types.

On client orders, you will have access to the carriers your client has connected in their ShipStation account.

You will not manage the client’s carrier credentials; rather once you connect to the client, you get access to use their carrier accounts on their specific orders only.

By using your clients carrier accounts to print labels, the shipping costs will be charged directly to the client's carrier account. This will positively impact your cashflow and save you time invoicing, reconciling and tracking down postage reimbursements.

This feature is optional. You can instead use your own carrier accounts for client orders.

Remove Client Carrier Accounts

If you do not think you will use a carrier account, you can remove it by going to Settings > Carriers. Go to the Other Carriers section and click the Gray ellipsis to the right of the carrier. Then, select Delete Carrier.

Open Actions menu for Client Carrier and select Delete Carrier option.

Re-enabling a Client Carrier

If you remove a client carrier account and need to have it re-enable, contact support for assistance.

Next, add Clients to your account to begin delegating orders.