Customer Facing Shipping Rates



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    Sarah H.

    Thanks for your question. We often get asked how ShipStation's rates can be sent over to the selling channel for customers during checkout. 

    Currently, this is not a capability of ShipStation. ShipStation only imports orders once the order is complete and the customer has paid for it. ShipStation wasn't conceived as a tool to interact with selling channels in the way you are asking. 

    If you'd like "live rates" to show on your selling channels, most selling channels provide some kind of plugin, or additional functionality, that you can install directly into your store that will connect to your carrier accounts, and then display the rates to your customer during checkout. These plugins are usually developed by the selling channel developers themselves, or by one of their partners. The best option is to reach out directly to your selling channel support and find out what options are available for you.

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