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    Erin E.

    Hello Guys, 


    Thanks for your posts and being apart of our community.  Love the discussion that is happening here


    While we currently do not have a direct integration with Google Express at this time, I can tell you that this is a request that we have definitely been seeing and it has not fallen on deaf ears. This is being discussed internally but right now we do not have any established plans for this integration at this time.


    That being said, I would very strongly encourage you guys to vote and comment on the following Feedback Forum for this feature. Our product team uses the forum to find ways to improve ShipStation. The more votes a feature request has, the easier it is for us to make a case to our teams to prioritize its production.



    In the meantime, there are some options you can consider as far as getting these orders into ShipStation. 

    • CSV Order Import - Import your orders into ShipStation from a spreadsheet - this may work well for lower volume stores, but can become time-consuming as volume increases. 


    • XML Custom Store - Build a custom store connection based on our Customer Store Development Guide 


    • API Connection - Use ShipStation's open API to bring orders into a manual store in ShipStation.

    Also, we do have a great list of partners that might be able to help you out with creating a connection. You can check them out here: I do remember seeing something about GeekSeller potentially having a solution for getting Google Express orders into ShipStation, so this might be worth checking out too.

    - Erin: Your Friendly Community Moderator.

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    Kelly Massey

    Did you have any luck finding someone to create a custom Store? Seem's like lots of demand from Customers wanting Google Express. Guess Shipstation is ignoring them. 

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    Anne Burdick

    Nope. I do not understand why ShipStation does not address the integration with Google Express. We are still manually entering orders into shipstation daily from GE.

    Shipstation provided me with the steps to set up a custom store, but I could not follow them inside Google's Merchant Center.

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