Allow customizing of the Pick List font sizes and details?




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    Robert S.

    Hi Brielle,

    The customization options for Pick Lists are limited in ShipStation as currently designed. The only available customization options are found through the Settings > Printing > Printing Setup page, by accessing the Document Options for pick lists.

    Further customization of pick lists is a highly requested feature. We'd appreciate if you'd vote or comment on the following user feedback post. Our product team uses the user feedback forum when evaluating new features and how best to design them to meet our users business needs:

    In the meantime, we do allow customization of packing slips for users on the Silver subscription level or above, including adjusting font type and size and the addition of elements like the Requested Shipping Service and package Size. You can read more about packing slip customization here:

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    Richy Doiban

    We need pick lists also to have more options on the printing side of it. We need each item/order that needs to be picked printed on individual labels. So when we pick the item that pick list label can be slapped onto the box. Unfortunately right now we have to print the whole list on 8x11 label paper and use a cutting board and knife to cut each pick. The ability to be able to print each item/order on the label size we need would be great.

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