Shipstation Print Server on Raspberry Pi




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    Robert S.

    Hi Harmon,

    At this time, ShipStation does not have a version of ShipStation Connect which is designed for Linux, the Chrome OS, or Windows 10 IoT Core. If you'd like to see a version of Connect developed for a different operating system than Windows or Mac, please post your feedback to our user feedback forum at the following link:

    Our product team monitors our feedback forum when reviewing ways we can expand or improve ShipStation, and that forum allows other users to vote or comment on your idea so our product team can evaluate how many users and what kinds of users require the feature for their business.


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  • A better feature (that could accommodate more users and would cost less to build than building an adapter for all those systems) would be allowing print directly to "ShipStation Connect" connected printer via the shipstation api. Something like, with a body that includes the ID of the printer that the current ShipStation web API is using to print and the base64 from createlabel api.

    Most users can deploy a windows VM to have that feature and then any IOT app can use the API to print. You already have the endpoint (you need to use it for your web app). You just need to add a endpoint for users to use that feature through the API.

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