Ebay vs. SS Shipping rates / Issues with SCAN forms



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    Robert S.

    Hi Louis,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding ShipStation's integration with eBay. At this time, ShipStation is not able to offer the features you are looking for.

    #1: The discounted rates that eBay offers for USPS shipments is specifically for shipments created through eBay's internal platform. eBay has negotiated their own rates with USPS which they allow access to through their online portal, and those eBay-specific rates are not something which we can access through a third party service like ShipStation. All US-based ShipStation accounts includes a free Stamps.com account with access to our own set of discounted rates, but the discounted rates we offer may not match eBay in all cases. You can read more about the discounted USPS rates we offer here. If you connected your own Stamps.com account to ShipStation, then the rates available in ShipStation would be based on your own Stamps.com account rates.

    #2: ShipStation is only able to create USPS SCAN forms for shipments which were created in ShipStation through a USPS postage provider likes Stamps.com or Endicia. When creating a SCAN form in ShipStation, we transmit the shipment information back to the postage provider, who then communicates the information with USPS in order to generate the SCAN form. This is not simply a collection of tracking numbers, it includes other identifying information for the shipments and we'll only have access to that information when the shipment is created through ShipStation.

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