Shipment Emails Not Getting To The Customer




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    Erin E.

    Hello there, 


    Thanks for your post and for being a member of our community. 


    When you see a DMARC message like the following: 

    Undeliverable (550 5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due to domain's DMARC policy. Please contact the administrator of domain if this was a legitimate mail. Please visit to learn about the DMARC initiative. b13si2711125ejj.349 - gsmtp )


    The culprit is the email that you are using for your outbound emails. The recipient’s email service blocks your shipment confirmation emails because they are coming from an email address that has not been registered with the email client.  

    We see this happen most often with yahoo sending addresses to Gmail receiving addresses. 


    There are a few ways to get around this. 


    1. Have your recipient whitelist your email address and/or add the email address as a contact. 
    2. update the email address ShipStation uses for your outbound messages. You can do that in Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup, by editing each store. Change the "Email" field under the Branding tab and re-verify, and ShipStation will use that email address instead
    3. Remove your email address from store settings so emails will send from

    Hopefully, this helps you out. 


    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Moderator 


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    PopShadow Decals

    It is embarrassing that you can't provide a DMARC record so the shipments can arrive from our email addresses. 

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