Error Message: Purchase failed. Account exception Exception with code 0x00560102; module 86, category 1, item 2

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    Erin E.

    Hello All!

    Kristin has the right answer here. This error that comes up is fastest resolved by calling your carrier. This happens with stamps accounts and can come up for a few different reasons but in the end it is your carrier looking out for your account and your security.

    I have attached the contact information we have for below and have linked our "contact carrier support" guide to my response as it is a handy resource to bookmark. 


    Stamps Contact info

    Phone: (877) 782-6739 (option 1)

    Direct contact form


    Official ShipStation Carrier Contact Help Guide



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    Julie Mattison

    mine is doing this same thing! checked cc info and tried two other cards?

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    Kirstin Gent

    Exact same error message, and I can't add needed funds. Has anyone figured out this issue?

    UPDATE: I contacted ShipStation, who said I need to contact about the issue because it is related to a billing or account issue, possibly that my Stamps account has had a hold placed on it. They gave me a customer service number for Stamps. I called to my account, they told me that there was a hold placed on my account for security reasons. He said it is common that new accounts can sometimes be blocked from making purchases for security reasons. This is understandable in my situation, considering the purchase I tried to make was for postage totaling well over $700. HOWEVER - I was put through to one of the security staff members who verified my identity and card information, and now I am all clear to print my labels as needed!

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    Paul Hulse

    Same issue. Turned out to be a security hold on's side.


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