why can't i reprocess automation rules one at a time?



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    Erin E.

    Hi Woody, 

    Great question. Could imagine this causing some trouble. So while there is not a way to select just one rule to be reprocessed when hitting the reprocess automation rules button.

    My first recommendation would be to head over to our feedback forums to add this feedback to the existing post related to your main request. The feedback forums are reviewed daily by our product team and used to help us create change for you.  


    Now, that we have covered that, I have a recommendation to help you out in the meantime. 

    Automation rules when reprocessed runs from top to bottom, if you only want one rule to reprocess for all of your orders you would want to move this rule to the very top of your automation rules and create a rule that has an action of stopping other automation rules from reprocessing on your orders. 

    Luckily the steps are pretty easy. 

    1. Find the rule you need to test and click and drag to move this rule to the top of your automation rules.

    2. Create the rule that will stop other other automation rules from running during reprocessing. 

    • go to settings> automation>automation rules
    •  Click create a rule 
    • leave the Criteria " Apply these actions to every order that is imported."
    • Click add an action and type in "stop processing rules for the order" or scroll down until you find it and click on it. 
    • click "save rule". 

    3.  Drag your new rule up to the very top right underneath the rule you dragged to the top. Make sure both rules are currently active. 

    4. Scroll to the bottom of your automation rules and hit reprocess. 

    5. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP: find the rule created in step 2, click edit, click the check next to "is active" to mark as inactive and hit save. 

    Very important: This rule needs to be inactive when not in use. Having this rule on will stop any rules underneath it from running and can cause trouble with your workflow. 

    6. Optional: Drag and drop your rules back into whatever order you want them in. 

    It is crucial that if you decide to use this solution that you make sure you have this rule inactive at all times unless you are needing to use the rule. If you follow the above steps (minus creation) each time you use the rule, you should not have any troubles. 

    - Erin,  One of Your Friendly ShipStation community Moderators.






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