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    Sarah H.

    Hi Will, 

    While you can't edit a label that's already been created, you can always edit the order information in ShipStation and create a new label on that order. Just open the Order Details screen for that order (you should be able to find the order in the Shipped status in your Orders tab). 

    If you need to edit the recipient information, click Edit in the Buyer/Recipient Info panel. Save the changes, then configure the shipment in the sidebar, and create the new label just like you do when creating the initial label.

    One thing to note... you cannot edit the items on orders that import from a store (that's true whether you've created a label or not), but you can edit items on an order you create in a manual store in ShipStation (that is, create using the New Order button in ShipStation, or import from a CSV file). 

    Hope that helps!

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