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    Sarah H.

    This info is from the "Return Address" section of your Ship From Locations (Go to Settings > Shipping > Ship From Location and then click Edit next to a Ship From Location to view both the Ship From and Return addresses for that location). 

    You can edit these fields to contain any of the info you need.

    The Name field is a required field, but it doesn't have to be your name. You could use the Company Name in this field instead and leave the Company field blank.

    Something else you may need to think about, depending on which carriers you use and how many selling channels you have... Some carriers (UPS, for example) require a value in the company name field or they'll pass an error when you try to create a label. In this case, you could use something like "Fulfillment Dept" or "Returns Center" in either the Company field or name field. 

    One other thing to note... your selling channels also have a Branding tab (in Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup) where you can enter the Company Name as well. If you have enabled the setting "Always use company name on the return address printed on outbound labels" - ShipStation will actually pull this Company Name to print in the Company field of the return address. This setting is meant to help merchants with multiple selling channels that ship from the same location, so you can always be sure the company name on the label matches the company name for where the order originated from. But, you can always disable this setting and rely solely on what is entered in the Ship From Location fields.

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