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    Erin E.

    Hey Hawk, great question!


    If you are asking if we can change the font size for your order summary, the short answer would be that we cannot. 

    Order summaries, along with Pick Lists, Labels, and Shipment Manifests, are documents that have limited customization options that can be found under Settings>Printing>Printing Setup> Document options. These options do not include Font changes. 

    If this is not what you were referring to or are looking for some more creative solutions, there might be a few pieces of information that might help the community help you out.

    Consider responding to this post with the following information and any other additional information that you feel would be useful.


    -What version of ShipStation are you currently using?


    -Are you referring to the size of the order summary when you are previewing from your browser or when you print it out? 


    If this is in reference to order summary size when printed, please include the following: 

    -Are you seeing small text on all documents printing out from ShipStation? 

    -Have you been able to test printing on more than one printer? If so, did they still look the same? 

    -What Label size are you using? 


    Please let us know. 

    - Erin, your friendly local Community Moderator. 


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