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    Erin E.

    Hi Jennifer, 


    Thanks for your post. There are some creative ways you can make using drop shippers with ShipStation work for you. 


    The first thing to address is going to be the user limit. Each plan does come with a set number of users, however, you always have the option to add additional users for $5 per month per user. 

    This being said, I know adding additional users for each drop shipper is not always an option but there are some creative ways to get around this. 


    If you are using ShipStation and can assign these orders as they import:


    -Find a common thread that you can use for an automation rule

            -Order tags, product tags, product SKU, etc.


    -Create an automation rule with the criteria from about and the action of sending an email.

    If you help with automation rules, you can review the help guide listed below:

    Automation Rules


    - For users bronze and above, you will be able to go to settings>templates>email templates and create your own template. Use the following guide to decide what field replacements you use and how to create your own unique email that you would want to send to your fulfillment provider. 


    Custom Email Templates 


    When your drop shipper completes their orders, you can have them send you a CSV with the order numbers and the tracking number for each shipment listed. This information can be used to mark orders as shipped in bulk. To learn how to do this check out this article: How to mark orders as shipped in bulk.


    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Moderator.

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