Incorrect products in Shipstation products list



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    Pierre Gagnon - Logistics

    Hi Riki


    1. Is it the SKU's or the product names that are not correct? Or are the products duplicates of other products you are selling ? If they are duplicates, you will have to look into creating product aliases to tell ShipStation that different SKUs represent the same product.


    2. If you want your incorrect products to stop showing up in searches and whatnot, you will have to deactivate them using this button in the top ribbon : 


    3. Any of those two solutions should not impact already shipped products if I am not mistaken. If I recall correctly, product aliases do not retroactively modify product descriptions for past orders 


    Let me know if this helps at all

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    Erin E.

    Hi Riki and Pierre, 


    Thank you both so much for your posts and for being a part of our Community. 

    Riki, Did this solve your problem? Please respond if you have further questions, otherwise, upvote Pierre's comment and I can mark this topic as resolved.


    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Moderator


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