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    Erin E.

    Hello Pieter, 


    Thanks for your post and for being a member of our Community. 


    Currently we do not have a direct integration with GoDaddy, however, there are other options you can use to get these orders into ShipStation. 


    • CSV Order Import - Import your orders into ShipStation from a spreadsheet - this may work well for lower volume stores, but can become time-consuming as volume increases.  
    • XML Custom Store - Build a custom store connection based on our Customer Store Development Guide. 


    • API Connection - Use ShipStation's open API to bring orders into a manual store in ShipStation.  You also might want to take a look at the following guide: ShipStation API

     Community. Additionally, I would strongly recommend that you fill out our Integration Request Form and someone will reach out to you to provide you with potential recommendations we might have that are not listed above where available.

    Please let us know if this helped you out or if you need additional information. 


    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Moderator.

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