Automate the voiding/resetting of the "Note From Buyer" field



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    Erin E.

    Hi Pierre, 


    Thanks for your post. The reason your automation rule is not removing the existing notes is that the Add Notes to Buyer action only adds to the existing notes but doesn't override the existing value. 


    Update: the above is only true for V2, however, there is a workaround in V3


    In V3, you will select your orders, click the Bulk Update dropdown,  click Add Note, select Notes to Buyer, click space bar or add the text you want to appear, and click Update Selection. This will replace the existing note with a blank line. 


    You stated that this was a bug you identified, were you able to confirm this? The reason I ask is I have seen this specific note before in cases where an app -like Recharge- adds this value automatically. If the later is the case I might have a suggestion to stop this from being added instead of using the V3 workaround. 


    Please let me know, 


    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Moderator


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    Pierre Gagnon - Logistics

    Hi Erin E. 


    As you mention it probably has something to do with a Shopify addon that messes with the field. To me, the troubleshooting isn't really worth doing since I'm probably not going to be able to fix it at the root.


    The workaround is appreciated but not really viable : the fields still show up as highlighted in the orders interface. The bulk actions method on V3 would add value if it allowed us to really empty the field instead.


    What we would like is to be able to tell at a glance if whether or not there are notes on any order, and any irrelevant information in that field (even if it's just spaces) prevents us from doing that.


    Replacing the erroneous string with spaces does work, but it would be wonderful if Shipstation just voided the fields when I attempt a bulk update while leaving the field empty. At the moment it throws an error when I try to do that


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