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    Sarah H.

    Hi Dawn, 

    Yes, there is a way to do this for rule criteria. Depending on which criteria you are using, the method may differ just slightly.


    As you know already, when you add additional lines of criteria to an automation rule, this always acts as an "and" statement. That is, in order for the rule to get triggered, all the criteria in the list must be met. 


    To create an "or" statement, you have to add all the potential values to the single criteria. For some types of criteria, you'll need to select each value from a drop-down menu (like for State, Store, Ship From Location, Package, Shipping Account, etc). Simply select all of the values you want in your "or" statement from this list. 


    Here is a quick screenshot to show an example: 



    But for criteria that doesn't have a drop-down menu, you'll need to type each value into the field and separate using a semicolon, like this: 


    It should not matter if you add a space after the semicolon or not. Either way should be fine.


    We outline this a bit more in the Automation Rules article on our help center under the About Rule Criteria section, which includes a few different examples. 


    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions about your specific use case!

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