We have changed the name of a product, shipstation still using the old name. How do I delete product records?


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    Erin E.

     Hello Pierre, 


    I hope this Holiday shipping season is treating you well so far. As always, thank you for your post and for being a part of our Community.


    Since there can be a few factors at play when it comes to product names upon order import, this might be better addressed with support directly. 

     However, that being said there are a few things we can do over first. 

    Before we get to your options for updating your product records, it might be worth checking your product default settings as there is a checkbox in every product record that allows product records to ignore the product name imported from your selling channels. If this is enabled for your product records, your orders are going to ignore any updated product names and use what is listed in the Product Record.


    So you are correct that you do have the option to deactivate your product records- since product records cannot be deleted in ShipStation. However, you should be able to update the product records by using CSV import/export as well. 


    You can check out this article about product import via CSV here: How to Add Products in Bulk via CSV Import. The same principle for updating product records would apply as well with the only difference being that you would export your product records from the Products tab, update the CSV file, and import it back in. 


    Please let us know if this helped you out or if you are still in need of assistance,


    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Moderator 

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