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    Erin E.

    Hello Monica, 


    Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community. We are so happy to have you here. 


    In order to create FedEx labels, ShipStation must register each Ship From Location in your account with FedEx, which creates a meter number that's stored on our backend. 

    The error you are seeing is occurring because the Ship From Location you are trying to use is most likely not registered within FedEx and does not have a meter number. 


    There are two things you can do to remedy this.

    1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Carriers & Fulfillment, and click the Settings link for your FedEx account. Update the FedEx Account Address to match your FedEx Shipping Address, then click Confirm.
    2. Go to Settings > Shipping > Ship From Locations, and Edit the Ship From Location. Update the Ship From Address to match your FedEx Shipping Address, then click Save Changes.


    If you want a more in-depth look at this and other FedEx specific error messages and how to fix them check out the Guide Below. 


    FedEx Troubleshooting Tips


    Please let us know if this helped you out or if you are still getting this error. 




    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Moderator

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