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    Erin E.

    Hello Jeremiah, 


    Thank you for being a member of our community and for your post.


    If you are having trouble with your scale overweighing packages, the first thing I would check is how off the weight is. If your scale is weighing over by a factor of x10 or x100, it may have been set to high capacity mode.  If this is the case, try resetting the scale to its defaults.


    You can review the USB scale set up here: V3: Use a USB Scale 


    You can also attempt to disconnect your scale, disconnect connect, quit connect, plug your scale back in, and log back into connect to reset the connection. 


    If this is not the case for you or it is and the above steps do not help you out, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team for further troubleshooting. Contact ShipStation Support,



    -Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Moderator 

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