Rejected Fulfillment

Fulfillment Providers can reject orders they receive from a Client or dropship manager by cancelling them in the Orders grid. This is typically necessary if items are out of stock.

Once an order has been cancelled, Clients and dropship managers will receive an email notification of the cancelled order as well as see an Order Alert in their ShipStation account. The section Manage Rejected Fulfillments describes how Clients and dropship managers can view rejected orders.

Reject Fulfillment of a Delegated Order

To reject an order for fulfillment:

  1. Select the order(s) to reject from the Order grid.

  2. Click Other Actions and choose Cancel.

    Other Actions menu of Orders grid with Cancel option marked
  3. Select the Rejection Reason that applies to the order.

    Reject Fulfillment popup when 3PL or Dropship manager cancels fulfillment order on Order Grid
  4. Click Reject Fulfillment.

Manage Rejected Fulfillments

After a Fulfillment Provider rejects an order, Clients and dropship managers will see that order appear in the Rejected Fulfillment Status of the Orders page.


In this status, Clients and dropship managers can:

  • Print a label or delegate the order to a different Fulfillment provider

  • Restore the order to Awaiting Shipment status using the Restore button

  • Cancel the order

Manage Email Notifications for Rejected Fulfillments

Currently, email notifications that are sent to Clients and dropship managers about a rejected fulfillment cannot be disabled.

If these emails are not necessary for your specific workflow, we recommend creating a rule within your email program to automatically filter out these emails into a designated folder.