UPS from ShipStation: Post-Shipping Adjustments

UPS uses dimensional weight (DIM) when calculating rates. UPS may adjust label fees even after shipment if the label does not reflect accurate weight or dimensions. These adjustments will automatically be deducted from your ShipStation balance.

ShipStation includes a View Reports link that allows you to quickly view any adjustments applied to packages after they have been shipped. This link is currently located within the USPS carrier Actions menu, however it will access a report of all carrier adjustments, including UPS.

Be sure to always include the dimensions of the shipment as well as weight so you are billed correctly when you create the label.

It is the shipper's responsibility to enter an accurate dimension into ShipStation before creating the label for the shipment!

Packages with an actual weight of more than 150 pounds, or that exceed 108 inches in length, or exceed a total of 165 inches in length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined, as measured to determine their billable weight, are not accepted for transportation.

If UPS finds packages that exceed these limits in the UPS system, the shipments are subject to additional charges. UPS reserves the right in its sole and unlimited discretion to return such packages to the shipper at the shipper’s expense.

"Canada" Residential Surcharges

The adjustment type "not previously billed CANADA residential delivery surcharge” is a generic surcharge name for all international shipments, not just to Canada.

View Adjustments for UPS from ShipStation

To view your adjustment reports:

  1. Click the Actions menu Actions menu next to the USPS option. Choose View Reports.

    Carriers settings for ShipStation Carriers USPS, arrow points to Action menu

    This will open a new tab in your browser to the account reports screen.

  2. Click the Balances option.

  3. Change the report type to Transactions if not selected already.

  4. Find the date of the transaction to view any corresponding adjustments.

  5. Click on the Adjustment ID link to see the adjustment details.

Dispute UPS Post-Shipping Adjustments

If you are certain you entered the correct values, you may dispute the adjustments.

To get the information you'll need to provide to ShipStation:

  1. Click the Adjustment in the transaction report.

  2. Copy the tracking number and make note of the associated ship date.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each shipment with an adjustment you wish to dispute.

  4. Compare the details for the shipment with the shipment record in ShipStation.

Once you have this information, please contact ShipStation Support and provide the details for each shipment you wish to dispute: tracking number(s), adjustment amounts(s), and any other details about the shipment that may be relevant to the shipment or adjustment.

Important Details about Disputing Adjustments

  • A negative balance must be resolved before creating more labels. If the adjustment has resulted in a negative postage balance, you will not be able to create labels in ShipStation until you add funds to your balance.

    If refunds are due to your account, they will be applied automatically to your ShipStation Balance.

  • Support agents may ask for photographic proof to dispute the adjustment.

  • Adjustments can only be disputed 90 days from the delivery date.