Contact ShipStation Support

Contact our support team when you have a question, experience an issue while using ShipStation, or are unable to create labels. ShipStation provides several ways to get the help you need.

How to get help



Our chat widget is available to all users on any plan type.

In ShipStation, go to the Help menu Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square. and choose Get Help.

This will open the chat widget right in the ShipStation app.


Submit a ticket by filling out our online support form. One of our agents will respond via email shortly.

The support request web form is always available, whether you are logged into the help center or not. Just click the Contact Us button at the bottom of any help center page. The chat widget also provides an option to email support if that is your preference or if chat is unavailable.


For Enterprise and High Volume plans, call between 8 am and 6 pm CST. The phone number is listed in your ShipStation account's Help menu Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square..

For other plan levels, the support phone number will appear in the contact support widget after you enter your support request during our phone support operating hours.

Online Help Center

Our online help center includes product and feature guides, integrations guides, and troubleshooting guides so you can learn how to use features or resolve common issues right away.

Search for individual words, phrases, or questions, or browse articles based on what task you need to accomplish or which feature you wish to use.

Community Forum

Interact with and learn from other ShipStation users. Exchange tips, tricks, workflows, and best practices.

Members of our support team monitor the community for any issue that needs to be addressed directly by support, in which case they’ll convert your post to a support ticket and contact you directly.

Everyone can view community posts. You must be logged in to post and comment.

Using the Chat Widget

When you open the chat widget, you'll be greeted by AuctoBot, the virtual ShipStation assistant. AuctoBot can answer many of your questions about ShipStation instantly. Ask AuctoBot a question or describe your issue in a complete sentence. AuctoBot will provide step-by-step guidance for specific tasks and share help articles that can answer your questions.

If you still need help, just type "talk to agent" and AuctoBot will connect you to one of our support agents. It may ask you a few more questions just to make sure you get connected to the right person.

AuctoBot also has a feature called persistent conversations, which means you can leave the conversation at any time and pick it up again later or receive an email notification when a response was provided to you.

Once you're done with your chat, just close the widget and it will be ready for you next time!

Using Splashtop SOS

Our support team uses a screen share tool called Splashtop SOS. This tool allows our agent's remote access to view the issue as you see it on your computer.

Examples of when a screen share may be necessary:

  • There are errors uploading CSV's or with your printer.

  • The issue seems isolated to your workstation or account.

  • Our support team is having trouble reproducing the behavior on their end.

To use Spashtop to share your screen with our team:

  1. Open Splashtop SOS. Depending on your browser settings, the file will download immediately or prompt you to download.

  2. Open the file once downloaded to run the installer.

  3. Double-click the icon in the pop-up window to start the support session.

  4. Update your permission if prompted and allow Splashtop to reboot.

  5. Send the 9-digit code to the support agent.

    This lets them see your screen (for this session only), reproduce the issue, and check local settings.

Once the screen share has been completed, you can remove the Splashtop application from your device.

If you leave Splashtop installed, you can run the application for future support interactions. There is no need to redownload the installer.

Tips for Submitting a Support Ticket

When contacting support via email, include as much information about the question or issue as possible. This helps our agents to fully understand what you need, accurately answer your question, and resolve your issue with their first response.

Examples of what you might include in your request:

  • A detailed description of your issue

  • Screenshots and/or videos of your issue

  • Example order numbers

  • Tracking numbers of specific shipments

  • The name of the shipping carrier or service used for a shipment

  • The name of the automation rule you need help with

  • The type of printer you are using

  • Specific error messages

  • Any troubleshooting steps you have already performed