Labels Print Too Big or Too Small

Steps to try if your labels are printing either too big or too small. Includes checking ShipStation's label layout settings and adjusting printer system preferences.

Follow the troubleshooting steps in this article when your shipping labels are printing either too large or too small.

The most likely cause is a mismatch between your settings and preferences. So, we will look at those settings first. Then, if that does not resolve your issue, we will look at more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Confirm Your Print Settings

Two places have settings you need to review: the label layout that is set in ShipStation and your workstation print settings.

First, confirm the label format you have set.

  1. Go to Settings > Printing > Printing Setup.

    Settings, Printing, Printing Settings path is highlighted in ShipStation.
  2. Click Document Options for document type Label.

    Printing Setup page showing the Document Options marked for the Labels Document type.
  3. Verify that the following settings are correct:

    • Shipping Label Format:

      • Thermal Printers (Zebra, DYMO, etc.): Set to one of the 4" x 6" options.

      • Standard Desktop Printers (laser, inkjet, etc.): Set to one of the 8.5" x 11" options.

    • Label DPI: Select the correct DPI setting, 203 DPI or 300 DPI, for your printer. If you are unsure which DPI you should choose, check your printer documentation.

      In most cases, you can leave the setting at 300 DPI. However, some printers (such as the Zebra 2844 thermal printer) require the setting to be set at 203 DPI.

    Shipping Label Format and Label DPI settings highlighted in Label Printing Setup pop-up window.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to save any changes you may have made.

Next, move to the following section and check to verify that the printer preferences on your computer match the ShipStation label layout settings. Please do not skip this next step, as the OS settings must match the settings configured in ShipStation.

Verify Your Computer's Printer Settings

The paper size and DPI settings in Windows or macOS must match the settings configured in ShipStation.

Install the Correct Print Driver

Verify that the latest print driver is installed for your printer.

A printer driver is a piece of software that converts the data coming from your computer into a format the printer understands. Ensuring the latest and correct print driver is installed can help remedy many common printing issues.

Install the Latest Adobe Reader

When Not Using ShipStation Connect

This troubleshooting step is only needed if you do not print your labels using ShipStation Connect.

In some cases, when printing from ShipStation, Adobe Acrobat Reader is used to format and display the labels and PDF documents correctly. Verifying that you are running the latest version may assist with label formatting issues.

Verify that the latest version of Adobe Reader DC is installed on your computer.

  1. Visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download page.

  2. Click the link to download the installer for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

    Be sure to download the free version, not the Pro version.

  3. Launch the installer and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

  4. Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader program or any PDF file on your computer and accept the terms and conditions.

    The terms and conditions must be accepted in order for Adobe Acrobat Reader to fully function.