Troubleshoot Customer CSV Imports

General notes you should be aware of when importing customer records from a CSV file. Review if your import is not successful.

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Import Customers via CSV

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Download a sample customer import CSV file from the Customer Import screen in ShipStation to use as your Customer CSV template.

  • When performing an import, blank fields in the CSV file will cause the matching field to be empty in ShipStation.

  • Customers created via CSV import will be associated with the manual ShipStation marketplace.

  • The CSV import will only update customer records that are associated with the manual ShipStation marketplace.

    Customer records created from marketplace imports cannot be updated via CSV import. Customer records from a marketplace will only be updated if a new order for the same customer imports from the store with the updated address.

  • ShipStation will not use the address stored in the customer tab to override order data imported via the marketplace or Order CSV.

    New orders created via import will use the address imported on the order. If a subscription or return customer needs their address updated, it should be updated at the order source.

    • You can, however, use the customer record to create individual manual orders by using the New Order button found on the Customers tab.