ShipStation Mobile: Features

Lists features: Import Orders, Create and Print Shipping Labels & other docs, Receive Alerts, View updates, Add Tags, Assign Orders, + more!

ShipStation mobile is a powerful companion to the ShipStation web app. It doesn't do everything the web app does, but it is able to perform the following key tasks:

  • Import Orders

  • Create and Print Shipping Labels and other documents

  • Receive Alerts for New Orders

  • View updates on Order Statuses

  • Add Tags or Notes to Orders

  • Assign Orders

  • Apply Presets to Orders

  • Cancel Orders

  • Put Orders on Hold

  • Void Labels

  • Create Returns

  • Purchase Postage (Android App Only)

  • Verify and Edit shipping addresses

  • View and Track Shipments

  • Resend Confirmation Emails

  • View analytic Insight reports for operations and sales

  • Generate Barcodes for End of Day forms for USPS

  • Use your device as a Barcode scanner to pull up orders

Cannot Add Funds With iOS Mobile App

While it is possible to create and print shipping labels, you cannot add funds to your postage account from the iOS version of mobile app. Postage can be purchased from the Android mobile app or the web app.