Troubleshoot New Postage Account Connections

Steps to try if you are unable to connect a new postage provider to ShipStation after following the steps in the connection modal or integrations article.

Follow these troubleshooting steps when encountering issues connecting your carrier or postage provider account to ShipStation:

1. Review Support Resources

Our Integration Help Guide includes an article for each of our carrier integrations. Each article includes detailed steps on how to connect the account to ShipStation and what standard and additional features the integration supports. Each article also includes connection-specific troubleshooting tips and links to partner resources that can help address issues you encounter when connecting the carrier.

2. Use the Carrier Account Address

When connecting a carrier account in ShipStation, some carriers require the same address to be entered in ShipStation as is on file with the carrier account. Try using alternate addresses that could be registered in the carrier account when the address you're using results in an error that states the address is incorrect.

Carrier connection window with carrier account address entered in Account Information tab.