Troubleshoot Shipments Missing from USPS SCAN Form

Explains which shipments will appear on a USPS SCAN form and how to modify the shipping cutoff time in ShipStation.

Keep the following in mind when a shipment is not included on a USPS SCAN form.

  • To appear on a SCAN form, shipments must have a tracking number associated with them. Shipments with certain package types, like Large Envelope or Flat, do not generate tracking numbers and will thus not appear on a SCAN form.

  • All shipments included in a USPS SCAN form or End of Day form must have a ship date that is the same as the form's creation date.

    For example, a shipment with a ship date of 03/03/2022 can only be included on a SCAN form created on 03/03/2022.

  • The shipment must not have been included on a previously created SCAN form.

Set a Shipping Cutoff Time

Help to ensure that all shipments for a given day are included on the USPS SCAN form by setting an automated cutoff time in ShipStation. Setting a cutoff time tells ShipStation to automatically set the ship date to the next business day after a certain time (the shipping cutoff time) each day.

For example, you create the USPS SCAN form at 4:00 PM each day. All shipments created prior to 4:00 PM should be included on the current day's SCAN form. Any shipments created after 4:00 pm should be included on the next day's SCAN form. Setting the shipping cutoff time to 4:00 PM ensures that all shipments created after 4:00 PM will automatically be set to the next day's ship date.