Troubleshoot Product CSV Imports

General notes you should be aware of when importing product records from a CSV file and troubleshooting tips if your import fails for any reason.

Template Required


Data Identifier

SKU or Product Name (chosen at time of import)

Help Section

Add Products Records

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Download a sample product import CSV file from the Product Import pop-up screen in ShipStation, then use this sample file as a your Product CSV import template.

  • If you perform another Product CSV import that includes the same SKU or Product Name (depending on import identifier selected) ShipStation to attempt to update the existing product that uses that value.

  • When performing an import, blank fields on the CSV file will cause the matching field to be empty in ShipStation.

    The exceptions to this are Tags (which can be added via CSV import, but not removed) and Active (if left blank, the product will remain either Active or Inactive, depending on its status before import).

  • Check the header row for any spaces before or after the value.

  • Alias SKUs will appear on Product export files, but you cannot add or update aliases with a normal product import. You must use the Import Product Aliases option to add or update the aliases.

  • Alias SKU CSV import issues:

    • SKU and Alias fields are required.

    • The store name values must match the store names in ShipStation exactly.

    • You cannot use the alias CSV import to delete an alias that has already been deleted or upload an alias that already exists.

    • You cannot convert an existing SKU to an alias using the alias CSV import. In this instance, use the Combine Products option instead. Product Imports

If you're using in ShipStation, you'll have a few additional product fields for your product CSV imports.

Review Import Products via CSV in the Upload Product Listing section of the integration page for more details.