Troubleshoot Product CSV Imports

General notes you should be aware of when importing product records from a CSV file and troubleshooting tips if your import fails for any reason.

Troubleshoot common issues when importing products via a CSV file.

This article includes troubleshooting steps for issues related to importing products via a CSV file as well as some useful tips to help ensure importing your products goes smoothly. Expand a section title in the below list to view the reason the issue occurs and the action to take to resolve the issue.

Tips for Importing Products from a CSV

  • Importing products via CSV will override existing product information, so be sure that what you include is correct and won’t interfere with your current product listings.

  • A CSV file template is no longer needed to import products, however, you must add column headers to your file.

    • You can also use this ProductImportSample.csv file to create your product import CSV. The provided ShipStation CSV template ensures that the file is formatted correctly and that it contains all of the required information.

  • Product Aliases are imported separately: Please see ShipStation's Product Aliases article for detailed information on how to import product aliases.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when importing product aliases:

    • SKU and Alias fields are required

    • The store name values must match the store names in ShipStation exactly.

    • You cannot convert an existing SKU to an alias using the alias CSV import. Use the Combine Products option instead.

Some Fields are Now Blank After a CSV Import

The Issue

After importing products via a CSV file, some of the product information is missing. The fields are blank.

The Cause

Data in ShipStation is overwritten by the data imported from a CSV file.

When importing a CSV, blank fields in the CSV file will cause the corresponding field to be blank in ShipStation. The exceptions to this are Tags (which can be added via CSV import, but not removed) and the Active indicator (if left blank, the product will remain either Active or Inactive, depending on its status before import).

The Fix

Ensure that all of the fields in the CSV file are filled in for the products being imported.

Some Existing Product Information is Incorrect after a CSV Import

The Issue

After importing products via a CSV, some of the details for product records already in ShipStation are now incorrect.

The Cause

Data in ShipStation is overwritten by the data imported from a CSV file.

Product CSV files imported into ShipStation that contain the same SKU as a product already in ShipStation will update the existing product information.

The Fix

Ensure that the product CSV file being imported into ShipStation includes only the product information you wish to be added or updated.