WP EasyCart

Provides information on the WP EasyCart integration with ShipStation and links for relevant resources.

WP EasyCart is a WordPress eCommerce and WordPress Shopping Cart plug-in that lets you sell retail, downloads, subscriptions, and more on their website. WP EasyCart Premium users can install the ShipStation plug-in to connect and send orders to ShipStation.

To use WP EasyCart with ShipStation, you'll need to download and install the ShipStation plug-in, then generate a set of API keys and enter them into the plug-in settings within WP EasyCart.

WP EasyCart Integration Requirements

For WP EasyCart to send orders to ShipStation, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in an Approved status (e.g., Card Approved, Third-Party Approved, Order Shipped, etc).

  • Contain a shippable product. Virtual products, like digital gift cards, will not be included when WP EasyCart sends orders to ShipStation.

Connect ShipStation to WP EasyCart

To connect your ShipStation account to WP EasyCart, you'll first need to generate your ShipStation API key and secret. You'll then add the ShipStation plug-in to your WordPress account and enter the keys into the plug-in settings.

To get your ShipStation API keys:

  1. Click Generate New API Keys if no key and secret are listed yet.

    Account settings: API Keys: Reads, "You haven't generated any API keys". Generate New API Keys button.

    Generated API Keys

    If you've already generated your API keys, the existing API keys will be displayed here and the button will say Regenerate API Keys.

    If you already have API keys, do NOT generate new ones. Instead, copy your existing key and secret.

  2. Copy your key and secret.

    You can then provide them to the account you wish to access the ShipStation API.

Next, you'll add the plug-in and enter your ShipStation keys.

  1. Go to the www.wpeasycart.com Members area.

  2. Download the ShipStation plug-in.

  3. Login to your WordPress account.

  4. Click Plugins > Add New.

  5. Upload the ShipStation plug-in.

  6. Click WP EasyCart > Settings.

  7. Click Third Party.

  8. Enter your ShipStation API Key and API Secret into the corresponding fields.

  9. Enter an Order Key Prefix if you have multiple stores and would like to differentiate between orders from different stores in ShipStation.

  10. Click Save Setup.

If you have orders already in WP EasyCart that you'd like to import into ShipStation, enter the order number range into the Import Orders fields in the ShipStation Setup widget, then click Import.

You only need to do this one time to import your existing orders. Going forward, WP EasyCart will automatically send new orders to ShipStation as long as the order meets the correct criteria.

Using the WP EasyCart Integration

WP EasyCart orders import into the most recent manual store you have created in ShipStation. After the initial import, WP EasyCart will continue to use the same manual store to import orders, even if you add more manual stores to ShipStation later. If you have no active manual stores in ShipStation, WP EasyCart will not be able to send orders to ShipStation.

WP EasyCart sends the following information about your orders to ShipStation:

  • Order Number

  • Order and Ship By date

  • Order Status

  • Customer Email address

  • Bill To information (name, address, phone)

  • Ship To information (name, address, phone)

  • Item information (SKU, name, weight, quantity, unit price, productID)

  • Amount Paid

  • Tax Amount

  • Shipping Amount

WP EasyCart uses webhooks to get shipment information (tracking number and shipping method) after you create shipping labels in ShipStation, which WP EasyCart then stores and uses to update the order status within WP EasyCart.

For more information on connecting and using ShipStation with WP EasyCart, see the ShipStation page on the WP EasyCart help center.