Set Up Printers in Windows

Details Windows setup for thermal label printers like Zebra, Dymo, Brother, and basic steps for a standard desktop inkjet or laser printers.

Before you start printing documents in ShipStation, you must ensure the printers are configured correctly for the documents you wish to print (labels, packing slips, etc).

Printer Setup for MacOS instead?

If you need to set up printers for MacOS, please see our Set Up Printers in MacOS article.

The setup process for printers in Windows includes four general steps:

  1. Connect the printer via USB to the Windows machine you want to use as your printer workstation.

  2. Download the appropriate printer driver (not required for all printer models).

  3. Add the printer to your Devices and Printers Control Panel.

  4. Configure the printer preferences. 

The exact steps to set up your printer will vary depending on the printer's make and model. This article provides setup instructions for the most common thermal label printer brands - Zebra, DYMO, Brother, Citizen, and Rollo - as well as the basic steps for a standard desktop printer like an inkjet or laser printer.

Connect & Configure Printers for Windows

Click the tab for the type of printer you wish to configure.

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Notes About Windows Printer Setup

Review the following notes to ensure optimum printer configuration:

  • The options available in a printer's preferences and properties will depend on the printer model and driver installed.

    In addition to paper size, some printers have additional settings for graphics, darkness, offset, and speed. To address print quality issues, adjust these settings in the printer's preferences (and sometimes, properties) using a trial and error method to find which settings produce the best results for your specific setup.

  • USB Port energy settings can sometimes cause printer hardware to lose connection with ShipStation Connect. If you find ShipStation Connect intermittently cannot communicate with your printer, disable your Windows Selective Suspend setting.

The printer workstation is the computer your printers are physically attached to via USB. ShipStation Connect must be installed and running on the printer workstation (but not on non-printer workstations) in order to print documents via ShipStation Connect.

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