Assign Third-Party Billing Automatically

Explains how to set up automation rules to automatically add third-party billing to orders.

Apply Third-Party Billing automatically with an Automation Rule instead of doing so manually to single or multiple shipments.

We recommend that you create one automation rule with two actions. The first action will assign the carrier, service, and package type. The second action will assign the third-party account to the shipment. If you have never created an automation rule before, review our automation rules article.

To create this two-part automation rule that assigns a third-party account to shipments:

  1. Click the +Create a Rule button.

    Automation Rules: Create a Rule button highlighted
  2. Name the rule with a name that uniquely identifies its function.

  3. Ensure the box for Is Active? is checked, and select Only apply these actions to orders that match specific criteria.

  4. Click +Add Criteria and set the criteria to identify which orders to apply third-party billing to.

  5. Click Add an Action.

  6. Select Set Carrier/Service/Package to set the carrier service and package types, and click Add an Action.

  7. Select Charge Shipping to 3rd Party and enter their Account #, Billing Country, and Billing Zip.

    Highlighted the added action to Charge Shipping to 3rd Party.
  8. Click Save Rule to close the New Rule popup, then click Reprocess Automation Rules to apply the change to your Awaiting Shipment orders.

    Automation Rules. Arrow points to Reprocess Automation Rules button.


If your automation rules do not apply to orders as expected, please see our Automation Rules Troubleshooting tips page.