Details about ShipStation's integration with Amplifier. Includes requirements and connection process.

Amplifier is a highly innovative third-party logistics company. They blend traditional order fulfillment, high-volume screen printing, and product personalization all under one roof. Clients can sign up instantly with their easy-to-use self-service platform.

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Amplifier Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active Pro account with Amplifier.

  • API Key and Order Source from Amplifier

Connect an Amplifier account to ShipStation

To connect your Amplifier account to ShipStation:

  1. Select Fulfillment Providers from the side menu, then click the Amplifier Tile.

  2. Open a new window and go to API Key Settings in your Amplifier account. Create a new API key.

  3. Return to ShipStation and copy the API key into the field.

  4. Go to the Order Sources tab in your Amplifier account.

  5. Create a new Order source by clicking the + Create button.

    Enter a name for the new order source and click Save.

  6. Copy the Order Source Code and paste it into the Order Source Code field on your ShipStation account.

  7. Click Connect.