Details about ShipStation's integration with ShippingTree. Includes requirements and connection process.

The ShippingTree platform was designed to make your life easier. You have full control and visibility into everything happening in their warehouse.

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ShippingTree Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with ShippingTree.

  • An API Key from your ShippingTree Account. You may need to contact ShippingTree directly to get this information.

Existing ShippingTree users

This is a new way to integrate ShipStation with ShippingTree to delegate orders. If you have an existing integration, it is not affected by this new method. Before connecting, find out more about how this new delegation method could improve your workflow by filling out the form above.

Connect a ShippingTree account to ShipStation

To connect your ShippingTree account to ShipStation:

  1. Select the ShippingTree tile and click Connect.

  2. Paste in your ShippingTree API Key into the API Key field.

  3. Click Connect.