Details about ShipStation's integration with ShipRelay. Includes requirements and connection process.

ShipRelay is a fulfillment, warehousing and Inventory Management Platform. With ShipRelay, you can sell in more ways with complete control.

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ShipRelay Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

Connect a ShipRelay account to ShipStation

To connect your ShipRelay account to ShipStation:

  1. Open a new tab and log into your ShipRelay account. Go to connect a reseller, and enter your ShipStation API Key.

  2. Click Authenticate ShipStation Link, to connect your ShipStation Channel in ShipRelay.

  3. Get your API Access Token from ShipRelay by going to the API Token tab in your profile. Click Get a Fresh Token.

  4. Click on Sales Channels on the left side bar in your ShipRelay account,. On the ShipStation channel, click Details to get the channel_id for ShipStation.

  5. Open a new tab and log into your ShipStation account.

  6. Select the ShipRelay tile and click Connect.

  7. Paste in the API Token and Channel ID from ShipRelay.

  8. Click Connect.