Dropship Manager: Invite Vendors to Connect as Fulfillment Providers

ShipStation's Dropship Manager lets you invite multiple vendors to connect their ShipStation accounts to yours as fulfillment providers. You can then delegate orders from your stores to your vendors, who will ship them to the customer.Y

Dropship manager accounts can also configure carrier sharing to specify which carriers and services can be used by vendors.

This article guides you through inviting vendors to connect as fulfillment providers. Learn more about ShipStation's Dropship Manager Add-On.


  • Modern version of ShipStation (Legacy not supported)

  • Dropship Manager Add-On enabled.

    Fill out ShipStation's Dropship Manager Add-On form and an associate from our team will contact you to get set up with this plan.

  • A vendor with a ShipStation account to fulfill orders delegated orders.

Once the Dropship Manager Add-On has been enabled in ShipStation, you can invite a vendor to connect their accounts.

Invite Vendors to Connect Demo Video

Watch this video to learn how to invite a vendor to connect to your ShipStation account:

Invite Vendors to Connect as Fulfillment Providers

  1. Fill in the Invite Vendor pop-up form with:

    • Vendor-facing Company Name: The name by which the vendor will see you in ShipStation.

    • Vendor Nickname: The name by which you will see this vendor in ShipStation.

    • Email: The vendor's email address.


    Then, click Send Invite.

The vendor will receive an email with a link inviting them to connect to you in ShipStation.

Vendors will be in a "Pending" status in the Vendor tab until they have accepted the invite. Pending invitations will expire after 30 days.

Resend or Cancel Vendor Invitations

Invitations sent to vendors to connect via ShipStation Dropship Manager are active for 30 days. If a vendor does not accept within 30 days, ShipStation will automatically cancel the invite.

You can resend or cancel invites to vendors by going to the Fulfillment Providers page Vendors tab, clicking the Actions menu by the vendor name and selecting Resend Email Invite or Cancel Email Invite.