Troubleshoot Fulfillment Issues

Steps to try if you receive an error when attempting to send fulfillment requests to FBA or Shipwire through ShipStation.

Fulfillments are orders that are sent to a fulfillment partner, such as Fulfillment by Amazon or Shipwire and are marked as Shipped in ShipStation.

Possible errors:

  • The request must contain the parameter Item.SellerSKU

  • Value XYZ for parameter Items.SellerSKU is invalid. Reason: InvalidValue

When this error occurs:

The most common fulfillment issue occurs when the product SKU in ShipStation does not match the product SKU on record at your fulfillment center.


Update the product details in ShipStation with the correct fulfillment SKU for your product.

Update the Product Fulfillment SKU

  1. Click the item name on the Order Details page to open the Product Details window.

    Sample product with red box drawn around hyperlinked name
  2. Select the Shipping tab.

    Shipping tab highlighted in the Product Details window.
  3. Enter the Fulfillment SKU that matches the SKU on file with your fulfillment center. Then, click the Save button.

    Fulfillment SKU field highlighted in Shipping tab of Product Details window.

Things to Know

  • Check the box to Apply changes to open orders if you have orders that have already been imported into ShipStation that needs to be sent to a fulfillment center.

  • For FBA, be sure to use the MSKU value for the product as listed in your Amazon account.

  • The Fulfillment SKU field can only contain a single SKU. If you're using both FBA and Shipwire, you'll need to make sure the product uses the same Fulfillment SKU for both fulfillment services.

  • To update the fulfillment SKU for multiple products at once:

    Use the CSV import to import all of your products and update them together. Enter the Fulfillment SKU into the FillSku field to ensure all of your products have valid SKUs for your fulfillment provider.