Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a digital marketing company that offers ecommerce merchants a suite of tools to boost their sales campaigns. With use of their services, merchants can expect a 97% delivery rate for all email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact also offers help building clean, effective mailing lists that reach the right customers for your products.

ShipStation merchants can export their customer email addresses from ShipStation to Constant Contact to be used for marketing campaigns. You can connect using ShipStation's open API.

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Constant Contact Requirements

Both ShipStation and Constant Contact require you to gather consent from your merchants before you can market to them. You can do this by sending an opt-in email from Constant Contact.

If you do not wish to send an opt-in email, you can still import your contacts but you must agree to gather permission on your own.

Use the following help articles from Constant Contact to begin exporting ShipStation contacts based on how you want to gather permission.

Both options require you to connect via ShipStation's API. The following steps will show you how to do that.

Connect ShipStation to Constant Contact

To connect your ShipStation account to Constant Contact you must generate a ShipStation API key and secret, then enter them into your Constant Contact account.

To get your ShipStation API keys:

Get API Key and Secret

  1. Click Generate New API Keys if no key and secret are listed yet.

    Account settings: API Keys: Reads, "You haven't generated any API keys". Generate New API Keys button.

    Generated API Keys

    If you've already generated your API keys, the existing API keys will be displayed here and the button will say Regenerate API Keys.

    If you already have API keys, do NOT generate new ones. Instead, copy your existing key and secret.

  2. Copy your key and secret.

    You can then provide them to the account you wish to access the ShipStation API.