Auto-Routing: Update Product Ship From Locations

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When Auto-Routing is enabled, it is important to keep the Ship From Locations assigned to each product in ShipStation up-to-date so that orders can be routed properly. This article will guide you through how to:

  • Manually assign or unassign Ship From Locations to products in the Products catalog.

  • Bulk update Ship From Locations by importing a CSV file.

New Ship From Location

Has your business added a new Ship From Location that needs to be assigned to your products? Before following the steps in this article, please ensure you have added all new Ship From Locations to ShipStation by following the steps in the Set Ship From & Return Address help article.

Manually Update Ship From Locations

Manually updating the Ship From Locations assigned to products in ShipStation is useful when you only have a few products that need to be updated. To manually update a product's assigned Ship From Location:

  1. Select each product you wish to update.

    Multiple products are selected by checking the box for each product.
  2. Go to the Active Ship Froms drop-down menu. Then, assign or unassign locations for the selected products by checking or unchecking the box associated with each Ship From Location.

    Ship from locations are selected in the active ship froms drop-down menu.

Your updates will be displayed in the Active Ship Froms column of the Products grid.

Products are listed on the Products page and the active ship froms column is highlighted.

Bulk Update Ship From Locations

Bulk updating the Ship From Locations assignments by importing a CSV file is the best option when you need to update many or all of your products or when adding products to your product catalog. To bulk update Ship From Locations:

Export Your Current Product Catalog

We recommend that you export your current product catalog from ShipStation and update the information in the exported CSV file since it is already formatted correctly. Once you've updated the file with the new Ship From Locations, you can then easily import the CSV into ShipStation.

  1. Click the Export button.

  2. Select the option to Export ALL record(s) that are in view. Then, select Export.

  3. Locate the downloaded file and open it.

    We recommend opening the file using a spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Sheets.

Update the Product Information

Next, add the Ship From Locations for each product in the file. Once all Ship From Locations have been added, the file will be ready to import to ShipStation.

  1. (Optional) Add the SKU and Name and set the Active field to True for any new products you wish to include in Auto-Routing.

  2. Update the Ship From Locations for each product in the ActiveShipFroms column.

    For products with more than one Ship From, separate each Ship From Location with the pipe symbol (|). Add a pipe symbol by pressing SHIFT + \ on your keyboard.

    Sample CSV file is shown with the active ship froms column selected.

    Ship From Locations in ShipStation

    The Ship From Locations you add to the ActiveShipFroms column in the CSV file must match the Ship From Location names in ShipStation for the file to import successfully. Review the current active Ship From Locations in ShipStation at Settings > Shipping > Ship From Locations.

  3. Save your work! Then, close the file.

Import the CSV File to ShipStation

  1. Select Automation, then Auto-Routing.

    The left-side menu is shown with the automation menu expanded and auto-routing selected.
  2. Click Upload New CSV.

  3. Locate and select the CSV file on your computer. Click Open.

  4. Verify that the correct file is selected. Then, select Upload File.


You will be notified when the upload is complete. Go to the Products tab to review your updates.