Switch and Save

Switch and Save lets you know when savings are available by switching to a lower-priced service. It's a great feature to help you save on shipping domestic packages.

This video demonstrates how to use the Switch and Save feature in ShipStation.


Enable ShipStation Carrier Services

You must have enabled ShipStation Carrier Services before you can use Switch and Save. 

How Switch and Save Works

Here's how the Switch and Save feature works in ShipStation:

When you configure shipping for a package in ShipStation, if a lower price for that shipment is available from one of our ShipStaton Carriers, the Switch and Save Savings Alert will appear. The alert will tell you how much you'll save by switching to that service.

If you'd like to save on shipping costs for this package, click Apply & Save.

Configure Shipment widget. Box highlights the Apply & Save button.

The shipping service will automatically be switched to the lower-priced service, saving you money!

Box highlights the updated service as it appears in the Service field after clicking Apply & Save

That's all you need to do. You can then create and print your label as usual.