Can I create Custom Labels with ShipStation?

Yes, ShipStation can provide qualifying merchants with Custom Label templates to print a customized, non-carrier label. This feature is ideal for large-scale merchants who want to avoid having to use a packing slip so they can streamline operations.

To qualify, you must be a merchant that:

  • Has an account based in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the United States.

  • Uses your own carrier fleets, offers pickup services for their customers to pick up package or needs some other type of reference label instead of a packing slip to follow an alternative shipping flow.

  • Is on a High Volume subscription plan. Please note that additional fees may apply for this service.

Custom Label templates are not available by default in-app, so you must contact ShipStation support to enable them. Because our support team will manage your template, that means no extra work for you. Once enabled, you will be able to use the label by selecting the option from the Services menu.

How Custom Labels Work in ShipStation

Once we've set it up for you, to use custom labels in ShipStation, you ship an order like you normally do. The only difference is that you would choose the custom label as the carrier for shipping.

ShipStation Creates and Maintains Custom Labels

Custom label templates can only be created, updated, and maintained internally by ShipStation. Please contact ShipStation support for any modifications to your custom labels beyond those fields you can edit.

The following fields appear on the custom label:

  • Order Number (available as reference)

  • Recipient Name

  • Recipient Address (Full address) (available as address_lines[1], etc)

  • Recipient Company

  • Recipient Phone

Use Case: Using Your Own Fleet

Customized labels are ideal for merchants who:

  • Have your own delivery fleet but your shipping volume does not require a Transport Management System (TMS)

  • Would like to centrally manage your orders

  • Do not require tracking

You can set up your labels to replace label message fields with generated QR Codes and barcodes.

Use Case: Click and Collect (Pick up from Store)

Custom labels are ideal for merchants who currently ship from retail outlets or have their customers get packages from physical store locations. With Custom Labels you can,

  • Offer pickup at checkout

  • Allow for locations to self-manage their orders

  • Enable your staff to easily identify Click and Collect (Pick up from Store) orders because the label is affixed to an order.

  • Automate unique email templates that provide your customer pickup instructions.

Use Case: Internal Stock Transfer

Customized labels are ideal for merchants who:

  • Need to transfer stock back to a single location to dispatch an entire order at once

  • Want to reduce outbound shipping costs

  • Internal Stock Transfer is similar to Click and Collect, but works as an internal label for the warehouse team to organize shipping