How to add a ChannelAdvisor account to ShipStation, what features are available, other need-to-know details, and troubleshooting tips.

Our ChannelAdvisor integration provides features like automation rules to alert you about high-value orders and one-click return management. Sharpen your ecommerce order-fulfillment process with ShipStation and ChannelAdvisor.

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ChannelAdvisor Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with ChannelAdvisor.

  • Your Profile ID and Product Identifier information.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Include a Ship To address.

Connect a ChannelAdvisor account to ShipStation

To connect your ChannelAdvisor account to ShipStation:

  1. Log in to your ChannelAdvisor account.

  2. Go to your Account Authorization page.

  3. Expand the Account List.

    ChannelAdvisor Account Authorizations menu with arrow pointing to Account Lists.
  4. Copy the Profile ID for the account you want to link to ShipStation.

  5. Select the ChannelAdvisor tile.

    ChannelAdvisor logo.
  6. Paste the ChannelAdvisor Profile ID into the requested field and choose a product identifier.

  7. Click Test Connection.

  8. Back on the Account Authorization page in ChannelAdvisor, you should see a developer named ShipStation - ShipStation. If you don't see that developer, refresh the page.

  9. Under Actions for the ShipStation - ShipStation developer, click Allow Access.

  10. Back in the connection window on ShipStation, click Connect.

After you've completed the connection steps, your store will be connected to ShipStation. You'll be taken to the store's Settings page to adjust the store-specific settings like branding, notification preferences, and product handling.

If you have multiple ChannelAdvisor profiles, repeat the steps above to create a ChannelAdvisor store for each profile you want to handle through ShipStation.

ChannelAdvisor and Amazon Prime Orders

You can ship Amazon orders just like any other order, but due to Amazon's requirements for the orders, we recommend you use the Amazon Buy Shipping API to create the labels.

Once the Amazon Buy Shipping API is enabled in your account, you can start creating labels with their services for Prime orders imported from your ChannelAdvisor store. Review our Ship Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime Orders help article for details on how to ship these orders and create an automation rule to tag Prime orders that import from your ChannelAdvisor store.

Additional Details about the ChannelAdvisor Integration

  • If you have multiple country profiles for your ChannelAdvisor account, you'll need to create a ChannelAdvisor store connection for each specific profile.

  • When manually marking orders as complete, ShipStation will only submit the tracking number (no carrier or service) to ChannelAdvisor.

ChannelAdvisor Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some common issues experienced by users, potential causes, and available troubleshooting tips.


How to troubleshoot or resolve

Error: Carrier/class lookup failed

This error message means that the carrier or class codes ShipStation is submitting to ChannelAdvisor have not been registered in your ChannelAdvisor account yet. These shipment updates cannot be sent to ChannelAdvisor.

Review ChannelAdvisor's article about their shipping carrier options to learn how to add a new shipping carrier. NOTE: You must also be logged in to Channel Advisor's support page to view.

Download the attached file at the bottom of this article to see a list of the carrier and class codes that ShipStation uses for ChannelAdvisor. If the carrier you use is not on this list, please contact ShipStation Support and they will provide you with the necessary carrier/class codes, if available.