Order Alerts

Explains the order alerts found in ShipStation and what they mean. Instructions for how to view order alerts.

Order alerts appear as a numbered oval next to the Profile icon in your ShipStation screen. For the new layout only, Combine Order Alerts will also appear as a number beside the Order Alert drop-down menu in the sidebar of your Orders screen.

Order alerts include:

  • Combine Order Alerts: ShipStation detects multiple orders that could be shipped together. This is the most common alert.

    The customer ID and the Ship To address on the orders must match for a combine order alert to occur.

  • New Product Records: When a new product record gets created in ShipStation from an imported order.

  • Low Inventory Alert: A product's inventory reaches the threshold you've set in Settings > Inventory Settings.

  • Automation Rule Alerts: When an automation rule runs and has the Create an Alert action.

View Order Alerts

Click the profile button and choose View Alerts to view details about the order alerts.

Red box highlights the View Alerts option + count from the drop-down menu from the Profile icon

A pop-up will appear, displaying a list of the alerts.


From here, you can click on the order to view or dismiss the alert(s) altogether.

View Combine Shipment Alerts

You can also view Combine Shipment alerts through the sidebar on the Orders tab.

Click Order Alerts, then Combine Shipments.


A pop-up menu will appear, displaying a list of the alerts.


You can click on the order to view, take the recommended action (here, Combine Shipments), or dismiss the alert(s) altogether.

Dismissing Alerts

Dismissing an alert will permanently dismiss it for that active user only. Because this action is user-specific, additional users will also have the option to see and dismiss the alerts.

Creating Custom Alerts

You can use Automation Rules to create custom alerts that appear when orders are imported into ShipStation.

When defining the actions for the automation rule, choose the option Create an Alert...

You'll be prompted to enter the text for the alert and choose how long until the alert expires. You can enter plain text or include order-specific field replacements using data from the order when generating the alert message.

The available field replacements are Store Name, Recipient Name, Order Date, and Order #. Use the arrow icon in the text box to select a field replacement quickly.


Order # Field Replacement Links

If you use the Order # field replacement, the Order # will appear as a link that can be used to navigate to the order quickly.