Branded Tracking Page

Explains what a Branded Tracking Page does (w/video demo), how to enable BTP, adjust the content, manage settings, and carrier info.

ShipStation's Branded Tracking Page lets you extend your company brand to the page your customers use to track their shipment. This allows you to re-engage your customers as they track their package with your unique branding, including your social media links!

When you enable the Branded Tracking Page alongside ShipStation's shipment notifications, ShipStation substitutes the Branded Tracking Page link in your notification emails. When your customers click the tracking link they'll be directed to your Branded Tracking Page to view the shipment tracking details.

For US-based accounts, your customers can now receive tracking updates via SMS text messages! The option to enable the SMS Tracking Notifications feature is included with the Branded Tracking settings. Review our SMS Tracking Notifications help article for details on how to enable it and how your customers can opt in.

Not Supported by All Carriers

Branded Tracking requires the shipment's carrier to provide automatic tracking updates to ShipStation. Most carriers do provide auto-tracking, but a few do not. If you create a label with a carrier that does not support auto-tracking, ShipStation will automatically include the carrier's tracking page link in the shipment confirmation email instead of the Branded Tracking Page.

Review the Supported Carriers list to see if your carriers support Branded Tracking.

Branded Tracking Page Customer View

Here's an example of what the Branded Tracking Page will look like to your customers.


Regardless of which supported carrier service you use to create a shipment, the tracking page will display your store specific branding.

Enable the Branded Tracking Page

Once the Branded Tracking Page is enabled, the tracking link provided in shipment notification emails will direct your customers to the Branded Tracking Page instead of to the carrier's tracking page.

You must use a supported carrier, otherwise, the link will continue to direct your customers to the carrier's tracking page. See the Branded Tracking Supported Carriers section for details.

Repeat this procedure for each store that will be using the Branded Tracking Page instead of the Carrier Tracking Page.

Branded Tracking for New Shipments Only

Branded tracking will only work for shipment labels created after you enabled Branded Tracking. Any labels created prior will continue to go to the carrier page.

Customize Your Branded Tracking Page

There are two ways to define the display options for the Branded Tracking Page and Branded Returns Portal:

  1. Define the Global Defaults on the Branding Defaults page.

    This will be the standard for the Branded Customer Pages used for any store that uses those features.

  2. Override the Global Defaults and define the store-specific options on the Branding page within each store's settings.

    Only the store you modify will use the options set in the store's Branding page.

    Scroll down to the Branded Pages Custom Settings section and select the checkbox next to the option titled Override default Branded Customer Pages settings.

    Store Setup: Branded Pages Custom Settings. Red box highlights option to Override default Branded Customer Pages settings


    If you select this option, ShipStation will only reference the store's Branding page when building the Branded Tracking Page or Branded Return Portal. ShipStation will ignore your account's Global Defaults for orders in the store.

Branded Customer Page Settings

Whether you're accessing the Global Defaults through the Branding Default page, or the store-specific options on the Branding section of the store's settings, the following options are available for branded customer pages:

Show Store Logo

Check the box for Show Store Logo to display the logo uploaded in the Branding section of the store's settings. It will be displayed in the top lefthand corner of the screen.

Checkbox checked for Option. Reads: Show Store Logo, Configured for each store.

Custom Colors

Check the box for Custom Colors to set the default custom colors for the Status Bar, Title Text, and Map Marker.

Custom Colors section of Store Settings. Three options for page background, delivery date, & service menu

Show Service Menu

Check the box for Show Service Menu if you want to display contact information for your company on this page.

Checkbox checked for Show Service Menu. Options Read: Website, Additional Links, Return Policy, Contact Us (Phone & Email).
  • Select Website to link to a website set in the Branding section of the store's settings.

  • Check Additional Links to add links to the top of the branded pages. This is great for highlighting promotional items or current sales.

  • Check the Return Policy option if you'd like your customers to have easy access to your return policy. The Return policy message is set in the Returns section of the store's settings.

  • Check the Contact Us option to include the email and/or phone number set in the Branding section of the store's settings.

Show Social Media Links

Check the box for Show Social Media Links to display the social media information set in the Branding section of the store's settings.

Checkbox checked for Option. Reads: Show Social Media Links, For each social media profile that is configured for each store.

Show Order Details

Check the box for Show Order Details to display the option to View the Details of your order... on the Branded Tracking Page. You will also set the specific components of the order details that will be displayed or hidden.

Checkbox checked for Show Order Details. Options Read: Show from Images, from SKUs & Options, & Show Prices

This is how the Order Details appear on the NEW Branded Tracking Page design:


If you are using the old Branded Tracking Page, the Order Details information is collapsible and will only be displayed when your customer clicks View the Details of your order...

Expanded view of Branded Tracking page closeup, with order details, product image

Click Preview Link to see a preview pop-up of what your ShipStation Branded Tracking page looks like.

Branding tab of Store Setup with arrow pointing to the Preview Link button

Click Save Changes when you're done.

Branded Tracking Supported Carriers

When you ship an order with a service from a supported carrier, ShipStation will include a link to the Branded Tracking page in your customer confirmation email. For shipments with unsupported carriers, ShipStation instead includes a link to the carrier's tracking page in your customer confirmation email.

The following carriers support ShipStation's Branded Tracking Page:


  • USPS

  • UPS

  • FedEx

  • DHL Express


  • FirstMile

  • Access Worldwide

  • APC

  • Asendia USA

  • IMEX

  • RR Donnelley

  • OnTrac

  • Globegistics

  • Newgistics

Branded Tracking Page Demo Video

This video demonstrates how your customers can track their packages on your Branded Tracking Page.

ShipStation Legacy Layout

This content features ShipStation's legacy layout and may not exactly reflect your current ShipStation layout experience.

Notes About Branded Tracking

Branded tracking is available for domestic shipments within the US, Canada, UK, and Australia!

  • Branded Tracking requires also using ShipStation's shipment confirmation emails. If your selling channel does not allow ShipStation's confirmation emails (like Amazon or eBay), your customer will not have access to the Branded Tracking Page.

  • The Branded Tracking page has the option to send notifications via SMS Messaging (currently a Beta feature available for US domestic shipments only).

  • You must use a supported carrier for the notification email to include the link to the branded tracking page. If you use an unsupported carrier, the email will automatically link to the carrier's tracking page instead.

  • The tracking number link in the ShipStation Shipments tab will still link to the carrier's tracking page.

  • Currently, orders sent to fulfillment centers (like FBA or Shipwire) or orders that are marked as shipped cannot use the Branded Tracking Page.

  • The Destination field on the Branded Tracking page may sometimes include the destination’s two-digit country code. ShipStation automatically includes this code for you with international shipments.