Delete Inactive Products

Instructions and recommendations for deleting products from ShipStation.

You now have the ability to delete a product record from ShipStation!

Deleting a product will remove that product record from your account, along with all its settings and connections to your orders. Before you take this step, be sure to consider the following:

  • This action cannot be undone! Once deleted, that product record cannot be restored to your account.

  • The product data on the deleted records will no longer be accessible. Any orders containing this product will no longer link to a product record.

  • A deleted product will not display in the Products grid or search results, nor will it display as an Inactive Product.

  • You may reuse the SKU on a new product record, but it will not inherit any data from the previous product.

  • If an order imports with a product that has the same SKU, ShipStation will create a new product record, but without any of the previous product's data.

  • To ensure none of your non-admin users can delete products from your ShipStation account, uncheck the Product Management permission for that user.

    To do this, go to Settings > Account > User Management, and click Edit for the selected user. Go to the Permissions tab, and uncheck Product Management in the permissions list. This will remove the ability for that user to modify product records. Review our article Customizing User Permissions and Restrictions for more information on setting a user's permissions.

To delete a product, you must first make that product inactive . Only after the product is deactivated will you be able to delete the product.

Delete Product Records

Follow the instructions below to delete product records:

When Using ShipStation's Inventory Feature

If you are using ShipStation's Internal Inventory feature, be sure any product record you wish to delete has been deallocated from any active orders. If orders still have that product allocated to them, you will receive an error message when you try to delete the product.

Review the Allocate and Deallocate Stock section of our Internal Inventory Additional Features article to learn how.