Manage Your ShipStation Balance

Explains how to add funds and set up auto-funding for your ShipStation Balance.

Your ShipStation Balance pays for the labels you create withShipStation Carriers. To purchase a label successfully, you must have a positive balance in the account.

The Payments & Subscription settings allow you to manage your ShipStation Balance to ensure you can always create labels when you need to. You can manually add funds to the account at your preferred time or set ShipStation to auto-fund the balance.

Add Funds to Your Balance

Manually adding funds to your account allows you to control exactly how much to add to your balance and when.

Auto-Fund Your ShipStation Balance

You can set ShipStation to automatically fund your balance once it reaches a certain threshold. You can set the threshold, the amount to add to the balance, and the maximum number of times per day auto-funding is allowed to happen.

Auto-funding works by detecting when the balance falls below a certain threshold at the time of a label purchase and then adding a pre-specified amount to your balance to bring it above the threshold again.

For example, if you wanted to purchase $100 by default any time your account balance falls below $250, set the Add if balance below amount to 250 and the Auto-fund amount to 100. Then enter in the maximum number of times ShipStation should automatically purchase postage in a day next to Max funding.

About Auto-Funding

  • This feature tells ShipStation to add funds when we detect the ShipStation Balance has fallen under your set threshold at the time of your label purchase.

  • The minimum purchase amount is $10. The maximum purchase amount is $500.

Update ShipStation Balance Payment Method

To change the payment method details for your ShipStation balance:

  1. Click the action menu for ShipStation Balance and select Update payment method.

    Actions menu for Payment Methods with Update Payment Method selected
  2. Update your billing details and click Save changes.