How does currency work in ShipStation?

Explains how ShipStation displays currency for imported orders.

Currency is handled a bit differently depending on whether you are on the new or legacy ShipStation layout. Regardless of version, ShipStation does not perform any currency conversion at this time. ShipStation only displays the integers transmitted to ShipStation by the selling channel. If currency conversion is needed, it will need to be done prior to the orders importing into ShipStation.

ShipStation's New Layout

When importing from a store that supports it, imported orders will display the currency indicated by the store's currency designation in the Orders Grid and the Order Details screens. For example, if you have an EU and US store connected to the same ShipStation account, the orders from the EU store will display as Euro (€) and US orders will display as US dollars ($).

The integer for the amount displayed in ShipStation will reflect the integer sent to ShipStation from the store, always. ShipStation does not perform any currency conversions at any point.

Limitations of Multi-Currency

  • Only a few store integrations currently support importing the multi-currency designation. There are no settings to enable this feature. If the currency symbol remains in your account home country, that means multi-currency is not yet supported for that store integration.

  • Multi-currency does not yet propagate to ShipStation's documents like customs declarations. If you need to change item amounts, we recommend using ShipStation's Product Defaults to override the imported values as described below.

For stores integrations that do not support multi-currency yet, or for CSV/manual orders in ShipStation, the currency behavior remains the same as in ShipStation Legacy.

ShipStation Legacy

In ShipStation's Legacy layout, all monetary amounts imported into your ShipStation account are treated as the native currency of your account's home country. ShipStation displays the integer sent by your store but does not account for a currency designation that differs from your ShipStation account's home country.

For ShipStation accounts based in the US, all monetary values imported into ShipStation from your carriers, or the values displayed on your customs declarations, are treated as USD amounts.

Use Product Defaults to Override Imported Values

If the item amounts imported from your selling channel do not reflect the item cost that should print on your packing slips or customs forms, and they cannot be converted prior to importing, use ShipStation's Product Defaults to set the item prices to what they should be in the native currency of your ShipStation account.

The Product Defaults will override the item prices imported from the selling channel, which will allow the customs declarations to reflect the correct item costs and match the item prices printed on the shipment's packing slip.