How do I select a USPS service by postage provider?

If you have multiple USPS postage providers connected to your ShipStation account, ShipStation can display the USPS service options in two ways:

  • By postage provider: This option will list each postage provider in the Service drop-down menu with all of their active services so you can choose a specific service from a specific provider.

  • By carrier: This will list all available USPS service options under the single heading USPS.

To change how your services list is displayed, click the action menu next to the Service drop-down menu:

Action menu located next to Service dropdown shows Carrier and Postage Provider options

If this action menu is not present, that means you do not have multiple USPS providers connected to your ShipStation account.

Here is an example of how your Service drop-down menu will look for each option:

Box highlights service options for and Endicia
Services dropdown showing service options for USPS

By Postage Provider (left) and by Carrier (right).