Google Shipping Data

The Google Shipping Data integration allows US-based merchants with a Google Merchant Account to send shipment data for any of your stores from ShipStation to the Google Merchant Center. This historical shipment data is then used by Google to estimate best delivery times for future shipments, which you can then display to your Google Store customers.

Google accomplishes this by looking at previous order tracking data and offer-level estimated delivery dates and applies their proprietary machine learning capabilities to calculate shipping speeds.

While connected, Google will pull order tracking data for stores you have approved in ShipStation. Order tracking data could include:

  • Order information including order ID, order creation time, delivery postal code, and region code.

  • Shipping cost charged to the buyer.

  • Shipping information including the carrier, tracking number, origin, destination, and shipping times for each shipment associated with the order.

  • Order line item information, including the products in the order.

Google does not retrieve customer names or exact addresses.


The Google Shipping Data integration is a separate integration from the Google Store integration. If you would like to learn how to connect your Google Store to ShipStation, please review our Google Store help article.

For more details about how Google Shipping Data works, review Google's help article About letting Google calculate your shipping speeds. To learn how to set up estimated delivery times in your Google Merchant Center account, review the Google help article Set up estimated delivery time.

Follow the instructions in the sections below to connect the Google Shipping Data integration to ShipStation and start sending your ShipStation shipping data to Google.

Google Shipping Data Integration Requirements

  • An active Google Merchant Account.

  • A US-based ShipStation account.

  • You must be using ShipStation's New Layout.

  • Orders shipping from and to a US-based address.

    Google Shipping Data will only calculate estimated delivery times for shipments between US-based addresses. Therefore, the integration only sends shipment data for shipments with US-based ship from and ship to addresses.

  • You must define your Product IDs in Google Merchant Center so that shipments containing those products are included in shared shipping data.

Connect Google Shipping Data to ShipStation

To connect Google Shipping Data to ShipStation:

  1. Click the Google tile.

  2. Click the Connect in Google Merchant Center button.


You will then be directed to log into your Google Merchant Center account to connect ShipStation as a partner. Complete the following steps while in your Google Merchant Center to successfully configure ShipStation as a partner:

  1. Select Show custom delivery times based on your carrier or partner.

  2. Select custom delivery times based on your shipping data from partners.

  3. Select ShipStation and follow the prompts to link the account.

  4. Set a backup delivery time in case there’s not enough shipping data to create an estimate. This is required.

  5. Click Next to configure the shipping rates charged to customers.

You can now go back to ShipStation and select which store shipment data you'd like to send to Google.


By default, all stores will be selected. Deselect any store you wish to not send shipment data to Google and save your changes.